Venue: EveryBody Fit Exercise Studio

Course Title:  Taping and Strapping 

Duration: 1 Day (8 hours)

Course Aim

The aim of the course is for all participants to learn/enhance the fundamentals of taping and strapping around the lower and upper limb joints.Designed with therapists, fitness professionals and coaches in mind this course is structured to give you a wider knowledge and greater understanding of the importance of taping and strapping, and how to carry each technique correctly and efficiently.

Note: EveryBody Fit would recommend that participants undertaking this course hold appropriate fitness/exercise or massage qualifications. However, for those without such qualifications, please be aware that this non-regulated programme does not ‘qualify’ an individual to instruct physical activity outside of the confines of the taping and strapping context and that as a result they should ensure they are appropriately insured both personally, and by any facility in which they instruct.

Prices as follows

1 day = £90 Contact one of our advisors for the next available course date.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of the equipment being used
  • Types of equipment available
  • Health and safety of the equipment
  • Appropriate use of each technique
  • Health and Safety assessments of each technique
  • Practical demonstrations, practice and application
  • Assessment of performance


You will be assessed via tutor observation of practical demonstrations, question and answer sessions, an informal practical assessment and open book theory assessment.


1 day courses = One off single payment of £90
(all major credit/debit cards accepted 2.5% fee applicable)


"I am a coach for a local sports team.  I have all my first aid certificates but felt I needed to know more to help my players when it came to dealing with niggles and minor injuries.  I came across this course and it is the perfect course for what I was looking for.  Small group of learners allowed the tutor to spend the time necessary to answer all of our questions and make it relevant to our needs.  Great course, Ollie was a great tutor and it was the ideal venue."


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